"Flowers are the Earth Laughing"-Anonymous

A 20 something young woman, married to Tom Hiddleson, who posts/reblog things that make her happy or can relate to; Basically a psychodelic trip inside my mind. I seek to have an open heart and open mind. I am a huge film buff, so there will probably be lots of movie recommendations and posts as well :). I also love fashion!! And, anything rococo/victorian. Whatever my girlish heart desires :)

Anonymous whispered,

im literally the only asian in my school and I look like I'm 8 help


own that shit bitch!!!! be the hottest, stylest, most outgoing asian in that mother fucker!!! make everyone worship you!!!

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Sometimes I’m like hey, I really hate being a women.

*cries in a corner and prays for a dick to sprout*

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So my worth according to these two freshman I adopted is based off of how many guys fuck me/hook up with me.

Wow…this shouldn’t make me feel like crap but it does.

Well, it’s not my fault that dudes are:

1. Repulsed by me

2. Not interested

I also can’t even speak to a hot guy without saying something stupid or face planting ( literally) into the ground.

I can’t even look at myself naked.

The whole concept is messed up and I’m kinda feeling pressured and pissed off.

that they do.
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