"Flowers are the Earth Laughing"-Anonymous

A 20 something young woman, married to Tom Hiddleson, who posts/reblog things that make her happy or can relate to; Basically a psychodelic trip inside my mind. I seek to have an open heart and open mind. I am a huge film buff, so there will probably be lots of movie recommendations and posts as well :). I also love fashion!! And, anything rococo/victorian. Whatever my girlish heart desires :)
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there’s so much going on in this gif
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all i want in life is to look hot when i laugh

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Steampunk Girl http://steampunk-girl.tumblr.com/
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Angelina Jolie photographed by Max Vadukul in 1997
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are you ever just like so upset by one thing you end up shaky and nauseous and like ??? excuse me situation but you are upsetting my chill and uncaring aesthetic 

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she wears short skirts

I am groot 

she’s cheer captain and 

I am groot

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Macabre statues to keep me company outside my new office.

Congratulations on the job. I didn’t know Hell was even hiring.
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